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lnrail.jpg (33191 bytes)
First L&N Railway Train Arriving in Norton.
May 1891.

Depot.jpg (22608 bytes)
L&N Railroad Depot

Depot2.jpg (30495 bytes)
Railroad Depot.
Norton Hardware to Left.
Norton Coal Co. Coke Ovens in Background

Wreck.jpg (24807 bytes)
Wreck of Interstate Railroad Train.
Dec. 1, 1932

West Norton Wreck 1918 B.jpg (225422 bytes)
West Norton Train Wreck 1918

West Norton Trestle B.jpg (136986 bytes)
West Norton Trestle

Dorchester L&N B.jpg (100092 bytes)
Dorchester L&N

N&WDepot.jpg (234761 bytes)
Interstate RR Depot

NortonYard.jpg (252909 bytes)
Norton Yard

NortonNorthRR.jpg (110347 bytes)
Norton Northern Railroad